University of Liverpool - CPRD Data Resource

The University of Liverpool has purchased a Multi-study Licence Agreement to facilitate access to the Clinical Practice Research DataLink (CPRD). Under this agreement researcher can be granted access to the anonymised routinely collected primary care healthcare records or patients at GP practices who have chosen to participate.

For the researcher to gain access they must have their research protocol approved by the Independent Scientific Advisory Committee (ISAC) of the CPRD

What are the steps to access data
Steps to access CPRD data

It really helps for someone on your team to have some prior knowledge of the CPRD before pursuing further access. We recommend that you access the CPRD elearning modules CPRD E-learning Guide - Standard User.pdf. If you wish to have a brief discussion surrounding feasibility of your project or to try and develop a collaboration please contact one of the nominated users.

There are however some step you should do before hand

If at any stage you need assistance with these step please contact one of the nominated users.

Further Information
  • FAQs: If you have further questions please read the FAQs and then email the University of Liverpool CPRD contact
  • Standard Operating Proceedure: If you are interested in using the University of Liverpool CPRD Resource please read the SOP document this contain more information about the requirements for data handling and research protocol approval.
  • End User Agreement: This contain the details of the agreement you will be asked to sign. This is primarily to ensure you are aware and committed to the data handling, anonymisation and data processing restriction placed upon CPRD data